Careers in O.R.
Professional Development
O.R. is constantly evolving as new ideas are developed. People working in O.R. are encouraged to update their knowledge and skills continually throughout their career. Consequently, most O.R. professionals are keen to keep up to date with new developments and to exchange ideas with other practitioners.

The OR Society is ideally placed to promote lively debate throughout the O.R. community on topics of current, general and special interest. Practitioners and academic O.R. people are brought together through the Society and new techniques and approaches are keenly discussed.

Most O.R. Group managers are eager to develop their people’s skills and, therefore, encourage attendance at OR Society - and other - events. These range from seminars and tutorials to full scale conferences over several days. The OR Society runs Training Courses on a wide range of OR related topics and also organises a major annual Conference.

O.R. professionals will normally follow a personal development programme. In addition to development through work experience, such programmes often involve training in such topics as communication and management skills as well as directly O.R. related subjects.   

The OR Society has an accreditation scheme whereby members apply for grades of professional accreditation consistent with their experience and O.R. credentials. Those members with relatively little experience - typically two or three years - can apply to become an Associate of the OR Society (AORS) moving through Associate Fellowship (AFORS) and Fellowship (FORS) as their careers develop. More details of the accreditation scheme can be found here.

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