Teachers - Feedback from St Francis Xavier College

Feedback from the teacher

Two volunteers from Steer Davies Gleave, a transport consulting company, came to St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College to deliver four talks each on their work to groups of 17yr old Maths and Science students as part of a Maths and Science Careers afternoon.  The students and staff were impressed by both talks as they opened their eyes to a whole world of opportunities available to them that they weren’t previously aware of.  All of our students know about jobs in finance and engineering, but had no idea that there were other jobs available.  Several of our students study Decision Maths and this made it grounded in the real world.  It was great to have young, successful speakers in as our students were able to relate to them easily.  They were both really friendly and helpful.  I hope that they will be back next year.

Feedback from the volunteers

It was a good day and there were many different speakers there from different disciplines, ranging from lecturers to dentists.  Most of them came via the STEM Ambassadors program, but the teacher had had trouble finding people who work in O.R.  After lunch, we talked to four different groups of students, each for 20-30 minutes, about what we do and the role maths & science played.  As can be expected, a few were very interested, a few were very un-interested, and most hovered somewhere around the middle. Some who had been to a talk by the investment bankers were curious to know how much we earned in comparison! But it was a good day, and there were a few occasions where the light bulb suddenly switch on in someone’s head when they understood something we’d said.  Overall the talks went off well, the school was very nice and the event was well organised; it was heartening to see that they were making an effort to involve people from non – typical technical fields i.e. people who weren’t engineers, bankers and so on. The funniest thing was that many of the maths teachers were very interested, and we were even told a few times that if they had known of O.R. they may have chosen it over teaching as a career!

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