Teachers - Feedback from The College of Richard Collyer

Feedback from the teacher

10am on 25 June 2010 saw the start of the Maths Careers Conference at Collyer’s.  After a short introduction, 5 speakers gave presentations to Collyer’s maths students, covering a range of aspects of mathematical careers.  The morning started with the University of Sussex Maths Department giving a really informative introduction to studying maths at university, including why students should consider taking a maths degree, what is studied and entry requirements.  Following the University of Sussex, a speaker from the Department for Work and Pensions gave a very interesting presentation, which prompted some thoughtful questions from students, covering what Operational Research involves, its applications all around us and how she uses O.R. in her working life.  The head of the JP Morgan Model Risk Group for EMEA followed, talking about how his mathematical background led him into a career in banking and the mathematical techniques he uses on a daily basis to analyse risk and design financial transactions.  The Office for National Statistics presented next, giving students an insight into the census and other statistical analyses carried out by the ONS and possible entry routes into working with statistics for the Civil Service.   The morning was rounded off by a speaker who gave an inspirational talk about why students should consider taking maths at university and how he uses maths and O.R. every day in his work in private equity with Hamilton Bradshaw.  The feedback from students has been excellent and Collyer’s is hugely grateful to all the speakers who took part.

Feedback from the volunteers

Two O.R. professionals volunteered to talk to the students of Collyer’s about their careers in O.R. and how they use it in their jobs. For one of the speakers, it was the first time he had given a talk to students and it reminded him of his time some years back when he used to sit in the audience listening to people who had made it big.  He was really pleased to see some of the students asking questions about how maths/O.R. helps in his day to day job.  At the very least, it showed they were interested and were thinking about it. The other speaker enjoyed sharing her experience with the students and thought it was good to see young people interested in the subject.

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